Obsidian Studio Active Busboards v2

The Obsidian Studio Active Busboard, are high power, low noise Busboards for modular synthesisers. The hybrid two stage design offers high-efficiency switching regulation, followed by low-noise linear regulation for ultra low noise and high stability, even at full load. 

Wiring the Busboards is easy. Simply connect a Quick-Click cable to one of our Power-Input modules. You can daisy chain multiple boards to run from a single 15V Power-Brick. 
If you prefer to do your own wiring, there are screw terminals for 15VDC input.

Input voltage to the Busboards is provided by a generic 15VDC Power-Brick, which can accept a standard IEC cable with any country’s voltage or plug type. See HERE for selecting a Power-Brick.

The easiest way to install a Busboard is to first install one of our standoff mounting boards to your case, and then mount the Busboard with 6 M3 screws.

Maximum output current per Busboard:
+12V: 3A Max
+5V: 3A Max
-12V: 1.4A Max

Other Specs:
Ripple + noise 20Hz-20mHz: 5mV peak-to-peak at maximum output current.
Load Regulation: 0.25%
Input voltage: +15VDC ±10%

For extended use, try to stay 20% below each rail’s maximum current to avoid excessive heat. All measurements made with our Hurricane power bricks. If you are comparing our Busboards with another manufacturer, ask them what their Ripple + Noise specs are :)