How are your noise specs so low?
It’s due to a number of engineering considerations, but the biggest reason is that each rail is double-regulated. The first stag of each rail uses switching-regulators. These are super efficient and very versatile, allowing us to use a single 15VDC brick to power all rails. The downside to this type of regulation is that it’s often not as clean as Linear regulation. That’s why we use a second stage of Linear regulation and other filtering to remove the last of the noise.

If your boards really are low noise, then how do your noise specs compare with other Manufacturers?
We have tested many, but are yet to find another Eurorack Switching PSU manufacturer that has noise specs as low as ours. For the rest it’s hard to say because most don’t actually state noise specs in any meaningful way. Many will just give a confusing percentage spec which doesn’t mean much. Others don’t even bother with that and just write “guaranteed low noise”. They should be able to tell you if you write to them though.

Can I wire my own busboards without using your Quick-Click cables, or Power Input panels?
Yes! Each Busboard has a screw terminal for manual wiring. Please note that the input voltage MUST be 15VDC.

Is it better to daisy-chain the busboards or use “star” wiring?
We have found that daisy chaining the busboards in a row is the easiest way to do it, and doesn’t effect noise performance.

What plug type and mains voltage does the Power Brick accept?
Our power bricks are universal, and can accept a standard IEC cable with any country’s voltage or plug type. (85VAC to 264VAC)

Why do some of your power bricks use a 4-pin plug, instead of the standard barrel connector on their output?
Barrel connectors are not suitable for high current applications. Our Hurricane brick for example would not be able to safely deliver 9.6A through a single barrel connector.

How do I know which power brick to get?
Check out This page for selecting a power brick.

Can I use my own brick from another vendor?
Yes, but please note that noise and regulation performance may differ if you use a low cost brick.
We recommend using Mean Well GST series brick.
Brick voltage MUST be 15VDC. 
Barrel plug inputs should be standard 2.5mm x 5.5mm, Centre positive connectors. 
4-pin connectors should be 4-pin mini-Din. See picture for connection diagram.

Why is there a high pitched sound coming directly from my busboards?
You are probably using the Hurricane brick but you aren’t drawing enough current from it. Either attach more modules or use a smaller brick. This noise will not be present in your modular actual audio path, so it’s only a problem if you need your room to be quiet. 

What Fuses are equipt in the Busboards?
The Busboards come equipped with a standard 5mm x 20mm replicable fuse on the input.
The Standard fuse is a 3A fast blow type, and can be replaced with a fuse of a different rating which may be useful if you wish to draw higher current from your busboard. However a fuse with a higher current rating may not protect it as well in case of reverse wiring or other unforeseen situation.