Volkskabinnet XL 15U+1U / 168HP Capt. Jack Edition




Introducing our Volkskabinett 15U+1U / 168HP in a custom Capt. Jack Edition finish.

With a shape nearly identical to the Needham Woodworks 15U Artist Cabinet, the Volkskabinett shares all features with exception to the build materials and joinery. Instead of solid hardwoods & accenting inlays, the Volkskabinett is constructed from American ApplyPly made in Oregon. The joinery used is unique in that it can easily be disassembled / reassembled using a 8 small set screws in German-made connectors. Think IKEA on steroids, which allows the Volkskabinett to fit inside a compact box for inexpensive shipping.

24"H x 19"D
168HP = ~35"W

Like the Artist Series Eurorack Cabinets, the Volkskabinett features a sleeker profile with a slight forward lean, allowing easier access to the back, and a backplane with integrated Eskatonic Modular power boards, all black Eskatonic Modular hardware & threaded black M3 inserts, custom power plate w/ 2 power jacks, convection airflow, comfortable rounded wrist rest, no VOC oil finish w/ satin wax top coat for a nice feel & low gloss sheen.

The selling price includes: all parts and tools required to complete the cabinet, 6 complete Eskatonic Modular framesets (five 3U + one 1U Intellijel format 1U bracket) + rails w/ threaded inserts, and a complete Eskatonic Modular internal power solution. See eskatonicmodular.com for details about power and hardware.

You'll need a 7 or 9.7A brick available at many online retailers. 

7A:     Meanwell part number: GST120A15-R7B
 Meanwell part number: GST160A15-R7B

All our cases ship with Eskatonic Modular ( eskatonicmodular.com and Instagram @eskatonicmodular ) custom black brackets, black lipped rails, and black threaded inserts.

Domestic $100 / International $250

If you're local to the San Francisco Bay Area, pick-ups are welcome and encouraged! A pick-up includes a tour of our impressive woodworking shop, the oldest dedicated woodworking space in San Francisco.

Message us with any questions!