Obsidian Studio - Passive Power Board

The Obsidian Studio Series is a High power, High efficiency, low noise power solution for modular synthesizer systems. The hybrid design offers high efficiency switching regulation, as well as low noise linear regulation right at the point of distribution.
At the heart of the system is the modular busboard. Each busboard contains local linear regulators on all 3 rails. The active version contains 3 high power Obsidian Power Modules to provide the bulk power to each rail of each busboard. Any passive busboard can be upgraded to an active busboard simply by installing the Obsidian Power Modules, and an Active Quick-Click cable.
Wiring the busboards is achieved by simply connecting the appropriate Passive or Active Quick-Click cable. No soldering or cable stripping. The Active Quick-Click cable carries +15V from the input power module to active busboards. The shorter Passive Quick-Clip cable carries the semi-regulated rail voltages from an active busboard to a passive busboard. You can daisy chain up to 2 extra passive busboards per active busboard.
Max output current:
+12V: 4A (2.5A per busboard)
+5V: 4A (2.5A per busboard)

-12V: 1.5A
Ripple + noise 20Hz-20mHz: 7mV peak-to-peak at full load
Typical Load regulation 0.2%
Output short circuit protected
Input voltage: +15VDC +/-10%